Arrive Alive: Stop Distracted Driving For Your New Year’s Resolution

With a new year upon us, we should all put an emphasis on making sure to arrive alive in 2018. Distracted driving remains an issue, so why not make one of your New Year’s resolutions to stop distracted driving and just focus on the road when behind the wheel? Here at the Arrive Alive Tour, we want everyone to have a safe 2018.

Arrive Alive Tour - Three Rivers CC

Distracted Driving

While texting and driving is what many people think of when they think of distracted driving, that is not the only thing causing people not to arrive alive. We posted before about the main causes of distracted driving and the top reason shocked even us! While cellphone use caused 12% of distracted driving, the biggest culprit was being “lost in thought” or generally distracted while driving. So, daydreaming caused 62% of distracted driving, which is crazy to think.

While those are the top reasons on the list, many other things factor into distracted driving. Those things include smoking while driving, eating while driving and, of course, passengers distracting the driver.

Focus On The Road

We all need to get behind the wheel of our cars and focus on the road ahead of us. That can be a difficult thing to do, especially since we have all of these distractions around us. Even car manufacturers are making it difficult to arrive alive, per a AAA study. With the dashboard devices in newer cars, some drivers are distracted putting in destinations into their GPS devices or messing with the touch screen. The technology is nice and often times built to help lessen our distractions, but sometimes it can cause even more.

Arrive Alive Tour

One way to bring awareness to your area about the dangers of distracted driving is the Arrive Alive Tour. Our national tour makes stops throughout the country, so bringing our distracted driving simulators to your area is easier than you think. Again, let’s put the focus on making sure we all ARRIVE ALIVE in 2018!