Arrive Alive Simulator Makes Its Way To Ga. Southern

STATESBORO, GA. (WJCL) Spring break will begin for Georgia Southern students in a couple of weeks, so that means many of them will be hitting the road in their cars.

That’s one of the reasons, the Arrive Alive Tour visited the campus Thursday afternoon.

The driving simulator gives the students a first hand at the consequences of drinking and driving and also texting and driving. Turns out the experience is quite an eye opening one.

“Texting and driving is a very serious matter,” said Daichavon Williams, Ga. Southern Senior. “I don’t encourage anyone to do it, even if it is an emergency,I just pull over and call the person or pull over and text, don’t text and drive at the same time.”

“They need like the visual aspects of the hands on to see how it really affects them instead of just seeing it on paper or on the computer,” said Chris Emmorey, Arrive Alive Tour. “And with this they get a pretty good idea of what really happens.”

Arrive Alive visits college and high school campuses throughout the country about three or four times a week.