Distracted Driving Simulator

Distracted Driving Simulator - Arrive Alive TourObjective

UNITE’s Arrive Alive Tour uses a high-tech simulator, impact video, and a number of other resources to educate individuals and communities about the dangers of texting while driving. The distracted driving simulator allows participants to experience, in a controlled environment, the potential consequences of texting and driving.

Event Summary

Participants get into an actual vehicle (with battery disabled and car immobilized) and put on a virtual reality headset. Sensors are connected to the vehicle’s gas/brake pedals and steering wheel, enabling the participant to experience drugged driving without the real-life consequences. Upon exiting the vehicle, each participant is handed a mock citation detailing the ramifications of their simulation, as explained by a facilitator. An external LED monitor is set-up near the vehicle, showing what the driver is experiencing in their simulation in real time. The program incorporates an event survey on Android tablets. This survey gauges participants knowledge and experience in relation to texting while driving before and after they use the simulator. The program now features our new Animated GIFs program! This not only gives your participants a keepsake to always remember to drive S.A.F.E (Sober and Free of Electronics), but they can share the GIFs on social media and spread the word about this important topic.

Scope of Service

The Arrive Alive Tour program includes:

  • The most effective distracted driving prevention simulator in the Nation.
  • Event survey on Android tablets to provide a statistical analysis of each event, including graphs to illustrate your data results.
  • Two highly-trained facilitators to speak with participants.
  • A mock ticket issued to each driver.
  • Press releases sent to all media within a 60-mile radius or nearest major media markets (at your discretion).
  • Large banners to increase visibility of event.
  • Posters available for download to further impact participants.
  • Program runs for up to 6 hours per day.
  • An average of 25- 30 participants an hour in the “driver’s seat” of the simulator.
  • A Passenger-Eye View monitor allowing others near the simulator to experience what the driver experiences.
  • Indoor or outdoor capability (size and weather restrictions apply).
  • Picture Pledge animated GIF.