Covid-19 Preparedness Plan

Arrive Alive Covid-19 Prevention Plan Overview:
The Arrive Alive Tour is taking all measures to ensureArrive Alive Covid-19 the safety of our Brand Ambassadors and participants regarding Covid-19. The safety measures are following CDC considerations for events and gatherings with which Arrive Alive will strictly adhere to. Arrive Alive Brand Ambassadors and clients are expected to fully understand and follow these guidelines to ensure we can maintain a safe educational environment and event for everyone.

Pre-Event Brand Ambassador requirements:
• Brand Ambassadors will be required to complete staff event safety plan training.
• Brand Ambassadors will be required to conduct a temperature check and health screening questionnaire daily.
• Brand Ambassadors will be required to wear a new cloth mask or a cloth mask that has been properly sanitized per the CDC recommendations at each event.
• Brand Ambassadors will be provided proper sanitation supplies for events. This includes the following: hand sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol, paper towels, tissues, disinfectant wipes, and up to 100 cloth face coverings per event.
• Client provides touchless trash can for refuse disposal.
• All disinfectants and supplies will be EPA approved for Covid-19.

Event Requirements:
• Brand Ambassadors will post informational signs stating mask and sanitation requirements.
• Brand Ambassadors and participants will be required to use a cloth face covering unless they have breathing issues per CDC recommendations.
• Brand Ambassadors will limit participation groups to 10 or less, and encourage proper social distancing measures of 6 ft.
• Participants will be required to sanitize hands before and after participating in the simulator.
• Brand Ambassadors will sanitize all equipment after each simulation including Virtual Reality headset, steering wheel, survey tablet, door handles, seat belt, and any other frequently touched surfaces.
• If at any point, there is a line of 10+ participants for the simulator Brand Ambassadors will encourage participants to sign up for a specific return time to partake in the simulator to maintain a low-risk environment.

The Arrive Alive Tour places the safety of our Brand Ambassadors, clients, and participants at the utmost importance. By placing these guidelines on our events, we look to ensure that we maintain the safest environment to carry out our mission of educating drivers on the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.

CDC Considerations for Events and Gatherings