Texting While Driving Simulator – Distracted Driving

Have you ever considered the consequences of sending a text message while driving? Is sending that “LOL” message to your friend worth all the pain and trauma a texting and driving accident would cause? Probably not, which is why our texting while driving simulator is perfect for you. It allows participants to experience the dangers of distracted driving in a safe environment, thanks to the Arrive Alive Tour.

Arrive Alive Tour - Texting While Driving Simulator Featured

The popularity of social media is increasing. More and more people are using Facebook or Snapchat to record videos while in the vehicle. This can be fun to watch, but distracted driving can lead to death.

That is one of the things you will learn with the texting while driving simulator provided by the Arrive Alive Tour. Make sure your community is informed on such a critical issue.

Texting While Driving Simulator Promo Video

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