Distracted Driving Programs Teaches Students At Liberty High School In Missouri

Liberty High School in Mountain View, Missouri, hosted a slew of distracted driving programs recently. The Arrive Alive Tour was one of those programs, as they are trying to teach students the dangers of distracted driving and impaired driving. Check out more details on the event below!

Distracted driving programs Liberty High School

Arrive Alive Tour

During the stop at Liberty High School, the Arrive Alive Tour gave students three options to choose from for the simulation. Those were distracted driving, drinking and driving and driving under the influence of marijuana. These distracted driving programs allow students to actually control the speed of the vehicle, as well as steering the vehicle. It’s one of the most realistic approaches to being in the situation, but in a controlled environment.

Distracted Driving Programs

The Arrive Alive Tour brings two facilitators to help run the distracted driving programs. One of those facilitators at Liberty High School was Mallory McKenzie, who spoke with KY3 when they were in attendance. She said, “If we could change just one life, that’s what we’re here for.” That is key for these programs, as we are trying to help change the lives of the students. We know that not everyone is going to walk out of the event and never text and drive again. However, one person at a time adds up over time.

Liberty High School

The Traction Team at Liberty High School brought these distracted driving programs to school. The distracted driving simulator from the Arrive Alive Tour was a big hit with students. It was also an eye-opener. Alyssa Ledgerwood said, “I was on the road, pushing the gas pedal, then all the sudden I swerved off and it felt like I was actually in an accident.” The students also thought it would be a lot easier to text and drive, but they were mistaken. Kennedy Cooley said, “What was the homework tonight. I couldn’t even type the word what and I was all over the road, swerving in the other lane, off the road. I was everywhere.”

KY3 At Event

While the Arrive Alive Tour was at Liberty High School, KY3 stopped by to cover this event. You can see the complete video from the story above!