Arrive Alive Tour Offers Drunk Driving Simulator Program

The Arrive Alive Tour is trying to bring awareness to your community with our drunk driving simulator. More and more people are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. However, the number of DUI arrests remains constant. With that in mind, our impaired driving simulators allow participants to get a hands-on approach to truly seeing how dangerous it is to drink and drive, but without actually being drunk behind the wheel.

Arrive Alive Tour Drunk Driving Simulator

Our Drunk Driving Simulator Program

Our drinking while driving program will run on your campus from your first bell until your last bell. Your students will be allowed to experience drinking while driving first hand without actually being under the influence. We will have a passenger eye view set up so that those students standing around the simulator will be able to experience what the driver experiences from the passenger’s point of view.

Real Life Consequences

After going through our drunk driving simulator, participants will be given a mock ticket for all of the driving offenses they incurred during the simulation. This will allow for a bigger impact on the students. They will see what they did wrong and what those penalties will cost them.

Picture Pledge Station

Another addition to our drunk driving simulator program is the Picture Pledge station. This station allows participants to take the pledge to never drink and drive. They will receive an animated GIF sent to the email provided, which allows them to easily share it on social media. This will show their friends that they took the pledge to never drink and drive. It also shines a positive light on the event and bringing awareness to such a critical issue.

Arrive Alive Tour Drunk Driving Simulator 2


Want even more positive press for your event? A press release will be sent out to all local media before your event takes place. Having TV stations or newspapers cover your Arrive Alive Tour event will show your community you are in the fight to put an end to drinking and driving.