AAA Study Finds More Distracted Driving Because Of Dashboard Devices

While technology has been a great invention for our world, it has been a bad distraction for many, including drivers. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently did a study, which found that infotainment systems in dashboards are causing more distracted driving to occur. This makes complete sense, as that pretty screen in the middle of the dashboard would cause distracted driving for anyone.

More distracted driving because of car dashboard technology 2

According to the AAA study, the technology built into the car, which includes touch screen and voice activated navigation, can distract a driver from the road for more than 40 seconds. That is a long amount of time.

For the study, 30 vehicles from 2017 were tested. Of those 30 vehicles, 2/3 of them had built-in technology systems that were rated as “highly” distracting.

In Connecticut, men seemed to be the gender more associated with distracted driving. Men admitted to being distracted by technology more often than women did.

It’s not even about driving too fast either. When driving 25 miles per hour, a car would drive the length of four football fields during the same amount of time it took to enter a destination into a GPS device.

To make things even worse, none of the 30 vehicles tested received a passing score. That means an extensive amount of distracted driving was happening in each vehicle. We all think this technology is so fancy, but in the end it is really hurting us.

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