Texting While Driving Still Happening In Georgia Despite New Hands-Free Law

The new hands-free law in Georgia took effect this summer. However, it seems like drivers have not stopped texting while driving, according to AAA. To add to it, almost all of the drivers asked in this survey knew about the new law, yet people are still texting and driving? What is wrong with people?

Texting while driving hands-free georgia law
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Georgia Hands-Free Law

The Georgia Hands-Free Law took effect on July 1. The law states drivers cannot write, read or send text messages, emails, social media or any other material on the internet. Drivers are allowed to talk on their phones, as long as they do not have their hands on it or they are supporting it with their body. They can also use voice-to-text communication, but no actual holding of the phone.

Texting While Driving Still Happening

AAA surveyed drivers in Georgia after the new law went into effect. Of the drivers surveyed, 98 percent of them stated they were aware of the law. That is kind of crazy, as that number seems very high to me. Anyway, of those surveyed, 75 percent said they still see other drivers holding onto their cell phones! Also, 60 percent of the drivers surveyed reported seeing other drivers texting while driving regularly or fairly often. No law is going to stop them, huh?

Distractions Still There

Even with being hands-free of your phone behind the wheel, it doesn’t mean the distractions are not still there! Garrett Townsend, Georgia public affairs director for AAA said, “While hands-free applications allow a driver to keep their hands on the wheel, this may unintentionally provide motorists a false sense of security behind the wheel. Mental distractions — anything that takes the driver’s mind off the task of driving — are just as dangerous as taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. With more than 900 deaths on Georgia roadways year to date, AAA urges motorists to limit distractions while driving to ensure everyone gets to their destination safely.”

Act Responsibly

It seems like an odd thing to say, but drivers should act responsibly while behind the wheel. I mean, you are driving this huge metal box down the road at varying speeds. Be safe! AAA urges drivers to avoid distractions, like the use of cell phones, infotainment systems or navigation systems! Also, avoid distractions by taking care of things before getting behind the wheel!