Distracted Driving Simulator Makes Stop At Southwest Tennessee CC

Drivers have a lot to worry about while on the roads, which is why the distracted driving simulator from the Arrive Alive Tour is so key. More and more people are texting while driving or having some other distraction working against them. With the increase in marijuana legalization, drugged driving is becoming a real issue also. 

Distracted driving simulator - Arrive Alive Tour

Distracted Driving Simulator

Because of those distractions, the Arrive Alive Tour travels across the country with their distracted driving simulator. The latest stop was at Southwest Tennessee Community College. The simulator takes place in a Jeep Liberty. This helps people to feel the dangers of driving while drunk, high or distracted.

During the stop, WMC Action News 5 stopped by to cover the event. They spoke with Max Vandewater, safety ambassador with Arrive Alive Tour, who said, “Getting behind the wheel may seem like an everyday thing, but it’s a huge responsibility and you’re wielding a very deadly weapon.”

A Realistic Experience

Because the distracted driving simulator takes place right in a Jeep, it makes for a very realistic experience. You can’t get any more real than getting behind the wheel of an actual vehicle, right? Vandewater said, “We have all kinds of obstacles that are in there that are realistic to real life. People pull out in front of you without looking.”

Affecting Young People

The reason why the simulator visits so many high schools and colleges is because these crashes affect so many young people. In 2014, the highest percentage of drunk drivers involved in fatal wrecks were between the ages of 21 and 24 years old. Add that into the fact that nearly a dozen teenagers die every day from texting and driving and those are some harsh stats.

That is why it is so key for the Arrive Alive Tour to be out on those roads spreading their message. In fact, this distracted driving simulator has clocked over 50,000 miles in the past year spreading that message!