New Distracted Driving Law Begins In Oregon

More and more states are cracking down on distracted driving, as we all know it is a major issue in this country. Because of that, Oregon has issued harsher penalties with their new distracted driving law. They want you to keep your phones (and other electronic devices) out of your hands while you are behind the wheel.

Oregon Distracted Driving Law

With the new law, no one is allowed to have a phone in their hands while behind the wheel in Oregon. With this new law, all devices apply, which includes phones, tablets and even GPS devices.

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Scott said, “Can’t be using them unless it’s a one touch, or one swipe. Something to activate or deactivate the device.”

The new law in Oregon calls for a hands-free driving experience. This means it is not just focused on texting while driving, but using the phone in general.

If you are found guilty of distracted driving, the fine is a minimum of $260. If you are convicted three times within 10 years, things get worse. You now face up to six months in jail and all because of distracted driving.

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Photo Source: The Levin Firm