Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving; It Really Is! (VIDEO)

Many people feel they can go out, have a couple drinks and then drive home. It isn’t drunk driving, right? That would be a big negative, as buzzed driving is drunk driving and can have the same consequences, even if the legal limit in most states is a .08 blood alcohol level. To sum it up, all drinking and driving is bad, regardless of how many you may or may not have had.

Buzzed driving is drunk driving featured

According to the Ad Council, an average of one drunk driving fatality occurred every 51 minutes in 2012. That means almost 29 people are killed on a daily basis because of drinking and driving. 

Among drivers involved in fatal crashes at night in 2012, 35 percent of those drivers had alcohol impairment. Yes, 35 percent of all fatal crashes at night in 2012, the drivers had alcohol in their system. So, buzzed driving is drunk driving.

In another study, researchers examined more than 570,000 fatal accidents between 1994 and 2011. This study found drivers that were “minimally buzzed” or “buzzed” were often to blame for accidents. What qualifies a driver to be “minimally buzzed” or buzzed?” This includes drivers that would have a blood alcohol content of .01 to .07, as it falls underneath the legal limit for drunk driving.

The study showed that drivers with a blood alcohol content of .01 were 46 percent more likely to be blamed for the accident than other drivers. Of course, as the BAC goes up, the higher the percentage goes up too.

This goes to show that buzzed driving is drunk driving, as even a blood alcohol content level of .01 can cause more accidents. The Ad Council is on a mission to make sure people understand this. Check out their latest buzzed driving is drunk driving video below.

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