Texting While Driving Programs Tour The Country With Arrive Alive Tour

The Arrive Alive Tour has been bringing their texting while driving programs across the country since being founded in 2009. The program is designed for participants to learn the dangers of distracted driving or drinking and driving, but in a controlled environment. That is what the students on the West Coast are doing now, as the texting while driving programs are taking over Oregon and California.

Texting while Driving Programs - Arrive Alive Tour

Arrive Alive Tour

The tour kicked off their winter tour back in January. This new tour brought stops in California, Oregon, and Nevada to start. There are two simulators that head out each semester. The second simulator is currently making stops in Florida and Georgia. As you can see, the Arrive Alive Tour has both coasts covered with our texting while driving programs.


For each event, a press release is sent out to the media within a 60-mile radius of the event. The media is encouraged to attend the event and write up a story on the event. This allows the school to gain a positive light on the event they brought to their campus. There is a lot of negativity in the news everyday, so this will allow people in your area to see that you are trying to do some good in the area.

As one student recently said, “I think for them to be able to put you in the driver seat and actually let you show what happens. It’s a good experience, and it might open kids’ eyes a little more than just having teachers and students talk about experience and see how it has happened.”

Texting While Driving Programs

Bring our program to your area. The simulators will leave your students truly thinking more and more about texting and driving when they get behind the wheel. We leave a lasting impression on your student body.