Memorial Day Weekend 2018: Tips To Stay Safe On Those Roads

Holiday weekends are usually some of the most dangerous times to be on the roads, that is especially true for Memorial Day weekend. People are anxious to get away for the long weekend and have some down time, as summer is officially here. With that being said, the Arrive Alive Tour wants everyone to be safe this weekend, so we are giving you some tips on staying safe this weekend on those busy roads!

Memorial Day weekend driving safety tips

Gas Prices Aren’t Stopping Anyone

Gas prices have been on the rise. This summer will bring us the highest gas prices we’ve had since 2014! However, that is not going to stop anyone from hitting the roads this weekend. According to NBC News, people will be paying $1 billion more in gas this Memorial Day weekend then they did last year, as the average price of gas is 50 cents higher right now. That is a huge amount of money, but people want to be on the lake or beach with this warm weather. Because of that, they are paying the price.

Driving Safety Tips

Since most people will be heading out today for the Memorial Day weekend, here are some driving safety tips to keep in mind:

  1. Allow yourself some extra travel time – This weekend is all about arriving safely at your destination. You shouldn’t worry about being there on time or even early. Just getting there is key to remember. Traffic is going to be high this weekend, so it will take longer to get to your destination. Plan for that when you leave, but don’t try to make up time by speeding or driving sporadically!
  2. Stop along the way and stretch – If you have a long drive to your destination, it is best to stop the car and get out and move your legs. Stop at a rest area along the highway and get the blood flowing in your body. This will help you stay alert on the roads, which is key. Make sure you are walking around and stretching out all of your body and not just getting out and standing there!
  3. Be mindful of your timing – Know that there are going to be times this Memorial Day weekend where traffic is heavier. You need to keep that in mind, as Friday afternoons are usually the busiest on the roads. Everyone is out of work and wanting to be at their destination now! Drivers will be tired though, as they’ve worked all day and now on the road driving. Also, Monday afternoon is going to be terrible on the roads also, as everyone is headed home. It’s not a race to get home, so be mindful of your fellow drivers!