Drinking And Driving Concerns For Memorial Day Weekend

Holiday weekends always see a spike in the number of drinking and driving incidents that happen. Because of that, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is urging everyone to designate a non-drinking driver if you are headed out on the town to have some drinks with friends. While drunk driving is a completely preventable occurrence, impaired driving still claimed 160 lives during this holiday weekend last year!

Drinking and driving memorial day weekend
Photo Source: Morgan & Morgan

Kicking Off The Summer

Memorial Day weekend is the official start to summer for many people. That is why we see an uptick in the number of people on the roads. People want to get out of the house and head somewhere for the weekend. AAA is estimating that nearly 41.5 million Americans will be hitting the roads this holiday weekend. Add in another 2 million that will be taking planes or trains to their destination and we have a very busy travel weekend ahead of us!

No Drinking and Driving!

Because of all that extra traffic on the roads, there is typically a rise in the number of traffic deaths, which includes drinking and driving crashes. This is when smart choices need to be made. MADD is telling everyone to plan ahead. If you are going out and doing something that includes alcohol, then use a DD. Other options would include calling for a taxi or public transportation (depending on where you live) or call for an Uber/Lyft.

Campaigns Begin This Weekend Too

The summer months are also an important time for many law enforcement officers to begin certain campaigns. You may see the start of Click It or Ticket or drinking and driving checkpoints along the highway. The cops want to make sure everyone is going to arrive alive this holiday weekend. MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church said, “Memorial Day weekend is a time when we gather to honor our nation’s heroes who sacrificed their lives to save ours. Please make it a safe weekend as well. If your plans include alcohol, make sure you designate a non-drinking driver.”