Dangers Of Distracted Driving Shown At Palm Beach Atlantic University

It’s always important to learn the dangers of distracted driving. This is especially true for drivers under the age of 20. Statistics show that that age group texts more than any other age group. That is why the texting while driving simulator from the Arrive Alive Tour made a stop at Palm Beach Atlantic University recently. We take a look at the experience below!

Dangers of distracted driving - Palm Beach Atlantic University

More Statistics

Besides drivers under 20 being the biggest group of drivers that text, there is also an alarming stat out there. Data shows us that texting while driving is the number one cause of fatal car crashes for people under 20. So, this age group is texting the most and experiencing a ton of fatal car crashes because of it.

Distracted Driving Simulator

That is why the distracted driving simulator that made a stop at Palm Beach Atlantic University recently is so important. This gave the students a chance to sit inside the high-tech simulator. The students were able to learn the dangers of distracted driving, but in a controlled environment. While in the simulation, students were able to send a text while on the road. This allowed them to see the consequences from that action.

A Shocking Experience

During Arrive Alive Tour’s time at Palm Beach Atlantic, WPTV paid a visit and they were able to capture the moment of students behind the wheel. The experience shocked many of the participants. Mallory McKenzie, one of the simulator operators on-hand, said, “Our simulator is kind of special because kids get to get into the actual Jeep, use the gas brake and steering and it’s closer to the real experience without the actual consequences.”


You can check out the video from WPTV at the Arrive Alive Tour event at Palm Beach Atlantic University above.