Drugged Driving Issues: It’s More Complex Than You Think!

The focus has always been on drinking and driving, but drugged driving is becoming a more prevalent issue. While driving under the influence of drugs is wreaking havoc on the roadways, it’s also wreaking havoc with laws and how to enforce it. We take a look at these drugged driving issues in this article.

Drugged driving issues - Arrive Alive Tour
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Drugged Driving vs. Drunk Driving

In a report that may shock many people, CNN reported that more deaths were associated with driving while on drugs than driving with alcohol in one’s system! While the report, which was released by the Governors Highway Safety Association and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, found more deaths because of drugged driving, some experts were cautious and said it needed more research. In 2015, of those fatally injured drivers that were tested, more positive drug tests were found than the presence of alcohol.

Drugged Driving Is More Complex

While saying more people tested positive for drugs than alcohol is easy to do. The concept around drugged driving is more complex to deal with. Why? The GHSA report tells us:

  • Unlike with alcohol, there are hundreds of different drugs that can impair drivers.
  • Some of those drugs are illegal to use, while some are legal to use under certain conditions. Some are even available over-the-counter!
  • For many drugs, the relation between the drug’s presence in the body, its effect on driving and its effect on crash risk are complex and not understood well. Also, those effects vary from driver to driver.
  • The data on drug presence in crash-involved drivers is just inconsistent. It’s incomplete in some jurisdictions and inconsistent from state to state. It’s sometimes inconsistent across jurisdictions within states!
  • For law enforcement officers, it’s more difficult to detect drug impairment on the roadside than it is for alcohol impairment.
  • The laws regarding driving while under the influence of drugs (DUID) vary across the states. However, the same can be said for drinking and driving laws.
  • With that being said, it’s harder to prosecute and convict a driver for DUID than for a DUI.
Drugged driving issues - Arrive Alive Tour
Photo Source: GHSA


Drugged Driving Simulator

One of the other main issues with drugged driving is the fact that many people think they can do some sort of drug and then get behind the wheel and drive fine. Many people believe smoking marijuana and calm them and they drive better while on it. That’s where out marijuana simulator comes into play! Our simulator allows participants to experience the effects of driving under the influence of drugs, but in a safe and controlled environment.