Impaired Driving: Simulator Brings Awareness To High School Students

Impaired driving awareness was one of the focal points for some high school students recently. The Arrive Alive Tour was brought to McGill-Toolen Catholic High School in Mobile, Alabama. The tour is meant to bring awareness to both impaired driving and texting while driving.

Impaired Driving Awareness - Arrive Alive Tour

Impaired Driving Simulator

For the simulation, UNITE Corporation uses virtual reality goggles. Those goggles help to impair or distract the students going through the simulation. This allows the participants to experience the true dangers of drinking or texting and driving, but in a controlled environment. WKRG News 5 attended the event in Mobile, as they talked with one of the students participating. They said, “As soon as you turned it wouldn’t turn as soon and when you looked around, it had a delay.”

Real-Life Consequences

After going through the impaired driving simulator, the participants are given citations for the road infractions they committed. Yes, these are not real tickets, but it is a demonstration to show the students the consequences of their actions. They cause an accident on the road? Well, in real life, you would be paying for that big time.

This Is A Reality

The Arrive Alive Tour’s main purpose while traveling the country is to help stop the deaths from happening. People are dying on a daily basis from texting and driving and drunk driving accidents. That hits home for one of the participants at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, as Sue Chapman’s sister was killed in a distracted driving accident. She said, “Someone else was distracted and she was crossing going over onto the interstate. She had the light and they didn’t and they ran and hit her and almost hit her off.” She is hoping that our tour helps her fellow classmates see how dangerous it can be to text or drink and drive! Check out the story below: