DWI Simulator: Arrive Alive Tour Hits Road Again For Fall 2018 Tour

The Arrive Alive Tour is back in action, as their Fall 2018 Tour kicked off with their DWI simulator at Georgia College. It was all about teaching the students about the dangers of drinking and driving.

DWI Simulator - Arrive Alive Tour Fall 2018

Drinking and Driving Facts

The Arrive Alive Tour is trying to combat some of these major issues with drinking and driving. The DWI simulator shows participants the dangers of consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel. Our drinking while driving facts show us that 29 people are killed every day in the United States due to alcohol-related vehicle crashes. With that being said, that means one person is killed every 50 minutes due to drunk driving!

DWI Simulator

Our drunk driving programs are working to change that deadly statistic. At our stop at Georgia College, WGXA stopped by to cover the event. They spoke with Mallory McKenzie, road crew facilitator, about the program: “It’s a really young and impressionable time — learning and getting their barring’s on the road is important. So I think a little bit of safety will remind people of the consequences of little small decisions.”

During the event, students were able to get behind the wheel of a Jeep Liberty. This have them a hands-on experience of drinking and driving, but in a controlled environment. That is probably a good thing for Georgia College senior Emily Johnson, as she crashed in the DWI simulator! She said, “It was a lot different than I was expecting. I didn’t think it would be as hard as it was.”

A Teachable Experience

These events allow participants to have teachable experiences. Johnson said, “I think it’s important to understand the dangers of it. And until you can experience it hands on through something like this, you won’t understand the effect you can have.” More and more people need that experience, as people drive drunk more than 300,000 times every single day! McKenzie added, “People don’t grasp the idea of how quickly things can happen on the road.”