South GA College Students Participate In ‘Arrive Alive’ Tour

By Ashlyn Becton, Reporter

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) – On Tuesday, Students at Thomas University learned the effects of distracted driving. The “Arrive Alive Tour” visited the campus. It allows students to get in a simulator and participate in “virtual” driving scenarios. It’s the reality of our fast paced world, everyone can send a quick text in just a matter of seconds.

“I feel like when they pick up that phone, it’s an everyday part of their life, they don’t realize the effects it could cause,” said student Courtney Rosa.

Although it’s a simulator, it’s no laughing matter and thankfully this was just a lesson, a sobering one at that.

“I was texting of course, driving off the road and a collision I failed to stop, its disappointing” said Christina Jones, Thomas University Student Activities Coordinator.

She got a ticket, and if it were real, it would result in a pretty hefty fine for the college student.

Students also learned that drinking while driving can be just as dangerous and it could result in serious injuries.

“I don’t think I would ever be able to drive again honestly. That would be pretty scaring for me to know that because of me, I killed someone because I was careless while driving,” said Jones.

A valuable lesson for these students before they head off for spring break.

“I think college students don’t realize that right now means the rest of their life, if they get in a car accident or a DUI it means the rest of their life,” said Rosa.

After all, good decisions really do prevent collisions.

Source: WAFF 48 News