Texting And Driving Simulator Stops At Pensacola State College (VIDEO)

Pensacola State College was the latest stop for the texting and driving simulator. The Arrive Alive Tour was in town to show students the dangers of distracted driving and drinking and driving. The stop was part of the Pensacola Safety Day on campus.

Texting and Driving Simulator - Arrive Alive Tour - Pensacola State College

Texting and Driving Simulator

The simulator was setup on campus. It allowed participants the chance to experience the true dangers of texting while driving or impaired driving, but in a controlled environment. WEAR ABC 3 News attended the event and spoke with Pensacola State College Director of Student Conduct Lynsey Listau about the day and bringing Arrive Alive Tour to campus. She said, “We’re hoping they’ll learn that this can have a big impact and be aware of what might happen to them if they make this decision to drink or text while driving.”

Pensacola Safety Day

The Arrive Alive Tour and their texting and driving simulator were not the only ones on campus. For this safety day, other agencies were brought in to keep the students safe. Those agencies included the Florida Highway Patrol, Pensacola Police, Escambia County EMS, and Pensacola Fire Department, were also on campus for the event.


WEAR ABC 3 News ran a short piece of the day’s events, which can be seen here: