Distracted Driving: 10 Tips To Help You Avoid Those Distractions Behind The Wheel

Distracted driving has become more and more of an occurrence for drivers. Because of that, some people need a refresher course on ways to avoid the deadly issue. Arrive Alive Tour is here for you when it comes to avoiding those distractions when behind the wheel. Today we will give you 10 tips to avoid distractions while behind the wheel, as we look to put an end to distracted driving!

Distracted driving tips to avoid distractions

Distracted Driving Prevention Tips

As drivers, we should all be avoiding distracted driving while on the roads. However, we get behind the wheel and things happen. A text comes through and we end up texting and driving. You’re running late for work, so why not put on some makeup while behind the wheel? You are running from job site to job site, so that quick lunch in the car is needed, right? These, among many other things, are issues we need to avoid while behind the wheel! Here are those tips to help you stay safe behind the wheel:

  1. Cell phones are for emergencies only – With everyone pretty much having a cell phone nowadays, it’s become so familiar to use it whenever we want. It’s easy to do, but dangerous to do also. When getting in a vehicle, we need to put the cell phone away! Make sure we are only using them if an emergency situation happens. This includes hands-free devices, as those still serve as a distraction.
  2. Limit the number of passengers in the vehicle – This is especially true for teen drivers. When their friends are in the car with them, they tend to be distracted by what is going on around them. By limiting the number of people in the car with you, you are limiting the distractions. 
  3. No eating while behind the wheel – I get it, we are a society that is always on the run. We have to get to that next meeting or PTA meeting or your kid’s soccer game after working all day. We need food, but eat when you are out of the car. Scarf down that breakfast or dinner when you are sitting in the parking lot.
  4. When you feel tired, pull over – Drowsy driving can increase the risk of a crash by nearly four times! There was a study done that showed 37 percent of U.S. drivers have nodded off or actually fallen asleep at least one time during their driving careers. That is huge, especially since drowsy driving can cause just as many accidents as drunk driving. If you are tired, pull over and take a break. Get out of the car and walk around some to get that blood flowing again. Heck, take a nap in the rest area and get the sleep your body is saying you need!
  5. Use your passengers – While we did say to limit the number of passengers in your vehicle, you may also use those passengers to your benefit. Instead of using your own phone to call someone or GPS your way to your destination, have them do it for you. This keeps your focus on the road and them focused on the road, as well.
  6. Don’t multitask – We get it, things come up while driving. Instead of trying to take care of that issue and drive at the same time, either let that issue wait until you are at your destination or pull over and take care of it when the vehicle is in park! Everyone thinks they can multitask, but it’s safer just to focus on the task at hand only: driving!
  7. Take care of everything before leaving – People are in a hurry, so they get in the vehicle and just take off. However, they are then adjusting their seat or mirrors or radio while on the road. Take care of these things before putting your vehicle in drive and avoid those distractions!
  8. Be fully ready before getting behind the wheel – You wake up late for work or school, so you proceed to make up some of that time by shaving behind the wheel or putting on your makeup. Sure, you might make it to work on time, but you may also crash and never make it to work again! Show up 15 minutes late and do your grooming at home!
  9. Make sure pets and children are secure – How many times have you reached into the backseat while driving to check the car seat or adjust the gate for your dog? Oh, you think you can reach back there and do it without any problems, right? Sure, but that is a big distraction. You are focused more on the backseat and taking care of that issue then you are on the road. Pull over, take care of the issue and then proceed driving.
  10. Make driving time quiet time – It’s hard to imagine, but you can get behind the wheel and drive to your destination in silence! Yes, turn off that radio and just drive. This will allow you to not be distracted by your favorite song or something funny on the radio.