Distracted Driving Simulator Teaches Students Dangers Of Texting And Driving

The Arrive Alive Tour continues to bring their distracted driving simulator around the country. We were recently at Thurston High School in Oregon, as the students got the opportunity to learn about the dangers of texting and driving. Our distracted driving simulator is there to put these students into a dangerous situation, but in a controlled environment.

Distracted Driving Simulator at Thurston High School - Arrive Alive Tour
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Distracted Driving Simulator

The simulator allows students to get behind the wheel and see how dangerous it can be to text and drive. The students wear virtual reality goggles that put them in a real-life situation on the road. Other students have enjoyed and learned from the simulator and will continue to learn, as our tour travels year-round.

KEZI 9 News Article

During our time at Thurston High School, a member of the KEZI 9 News team attended the event. Their story can be seen below:

Students at Thurston High School got to experience firsthand what can happen when you drive drunk or distracted.

Thurston High School hosted UNITE’s Arrive Alive Tour on campus Monday.

Students were able to go into a virtual reality simulator which had sensors on the gas, brake, and steering. Staff put them in two scenarios in the simulator. In one scenario, they would alter the student’s alcohol level digitally which made it difficult for students to drive. While the second scenario involved texting and driving.

One student said he hopes his peer’s will take Monday’s program to heart.

“Just don’t do it,” said Blake Richmond, student. “You just got to try not to die at a young age, just be responsible with your priorities and just don’t go out there and be stupid.”

Organizers of the event said one person is injured in an accident that involves drinking and driving every two minutes in our country. They also said texting while driving is six times more likely to cause an accident than drinking and driving.

For more information on the Arrive Alive Tour click HERE.”