Texting and Driving Simulator Stops At HCC Central

Houston Community College was the site for the latest stop of the Arrive Alive Tour, as they brought their texting and driving simulator to campus! Distracted driving is a hot-button issue and the need for these texting and driving simulators is crucial to spread the words on the dangers of texting while driving.

Arrive Alive Tour - Houston CC 4

During the stop at Houston Community College, CW39 stopped by to check out the texting and driving simulator. Check out their article below.

CW39 Article

We do it all the time, but texting and driving is more dangerous than you think.

It’s been illegal in Texas since September, but texting and driving is still killing people. Eleven teenagers die a day from texting and driving related accidents.

“I remember how bad i was driving. I mean, it was just all bad.” said Rodman Almassi the HCC student who was the first to try the simulator referring to his ride.

The health and wellness group Unite brought their Arrive Alive tour to HCC Central giving students a high tech simulation of what they say its really like when you’re texting and driving.

Bring the Arrive Alive Tour to your area. For more information or details on the drinking and texting and driving simulator program, contact us here!