Texting And Driving Simulator: Topeka West Students Learn The Dangers

To show the true dangers of distracted driving, the Arrive Alive Tour brought their texting and driving simulator to Topeka West High School in Topeka, Kansas, yesterday. The event was brought to Topeka by Jeff Biggs and Associates, an insurance company in the area.

Texting and driving simulator - Arrive Alive Tour

Texting and Driving Dangers

The point of the texting and driving simulator is to teach students the importance of safe driving. As statistics show us, teens are at high risk when it comes to texting while driving. That is why Arrive Alive Tour is dedicated to bringing awareness to the dangers of distracted driving. Not only that, but to drunk driving and drugged driving!

Texting and Driving Simulator

That is why Jeff Biggs brought the simulator to Topeka. For the simulation, students were able to sit in a Jeep Patriot while wearing virtual reality goggles. The goggles are what gave the students a glimpse into what it’s like to drive distracted or drunk. Besides the simulator, Topeka Police were on hand to talk with the students. Biggs told WIBW 13, “At the end of their simulated driving they get a ticket that tells them they DUI’d, went through two lanes, ran two red lights, so there’s a lot of different violations that they’re handed to as well.” Check out the WIBW media spot here:

Biggs is hoping to bring the Arrive Alive Tour and their texting and driving simulator to different schools in the area over the next four years.