Distracted Driving Simulator From Arrive Alive Tour Makes Stops In Ohio

Arrive Alive Tour recently made three stops in Ohio with their distracted driving simulator thanks to Education Service Center of Lake Erie West. This is all about teaching participants about the dangers of texting while driving, as well as drinking and driving and driving under the influence of marijuana.

Distracted Driving Simulator - Arrive Alive Tour - Ohio

Distracted Driving Simulator

The first stop for Arrive Alive Tour was at the University of Toledo. The events were sponsored by the Education Service Center of Lake Erie West. For the distracted driving simulator, students got into the Jeep Patriot and put on virtual reality goggles. This allowed them to experience the dangers of texting and driving, but in a controlled environment.

Students Have An Impact

One of the benefits of the distracted driving simulator is that students get a chance to experience firsthand what the consequences of their choices would be. If they text and drive, they may crash or even hit someone else. That is why Jamie Blazevich, the Traffic Safety Program Coordinator at Education Service Center, brought the simulator to Ohio. Blazevich said, “They’re putting their lives at danger so they can participate in what it looks like here. Then they are also putting other people’s lives at danger as well. We want to make sure that they understand that every single time they get behind the wheel, that they have an impact with what they are doing.”

After the stop at The University of Toledo, the Arrive Alive Tour was headed to Lourdes University and Springfield High School.