Drunk Driving Programs Help Make Drinking And Driving Preventable

The Arrive Alive Tour designs drunk driving programs to help with our part in making drinking and driving disappear. Like most thing, drinking and driving is preventable and our educational programs help step people in the right direction. In this day and age, drunk driving violations should be a thing of the past.

Drunk driving programs - Arrive Alive Tour

Drunk Driving Programs

We have designed a program that allows your students to experience drinking while driving first hand without actually being under the influence. The program takes place in a Jeep, as each participant puts on a virtual headset to simulate the drunk driving feeling. If your students are not behind the wheel, they still can experience the program. We will have a passenger eye view set up so that those students standing around the simulator will be able to experience what the driver experiences from the passenger’s point of view. Your students will feel the consequences of their actions too. Each participants will be given a mock ticket after their simulation. This shows them the legal dangers of drinking and driving.

Drinking and Driving Facts

What are we trying to prevent here? Drinking and driving still kills 28 people a day in the United States. That is crazy to think, but so are these other drinking and driving facts also!

  • In 2015, 10,265 deaths from alcohol impaired crashes.
  • The legal limit for driving under the influence in all 50 states is 0.08%. However, 1,764 people were killed in 2014 from alcohol-related crashes with a BAC under 0.08%.
  • Each year, there are 4,300 teens killed because of teen alcohol use.
  • Someone is injured in a drunk driving accident every two minutes.
  • Drinking and driving is still the #1 cause of death on our roads.
  • Of the drivers arrested or convicted of drinking and driving, one-third of them are repeat offenders.

Drunk driving programs - Arrive Alive Tour

Ways to Prevent Drinking While Driving

That last fact should stand out to people. People are not learning from their first DUI offense, as they are repeat offenders. Our drunk driving programs need to stop the first offense from even happening. Besides the drinking while driving simulators, other ways to prevent drunk driving are as follows.

  • Before going out, choose a designated driver for the group.
  • Call for a ride or taxi.
  • It is 2018 and most areas have Lyft or Uber, so use that service and prevent a DUI.
  • If you see someone that has been drinking attempt to drive, take their keys. Them being mad at you is worth it, as you could have just saved someone’s life.
  • For parties, have a key bowl and make all party guests put their keys in the bowl when they arrive. The bowl would be locked away and no one has access to it.