Driving Safety: The 15 Worst Cities To Live For Drivers

Whether we like it or not, most of us have to drive, which is why driving safety is so important. We all have to drive to work or school. We all have to deal with traffic on a daily basis. Thanks to a recent survey by WalletHub, we now know some of the worst cities to live for drivers. Some may shock you, but others, not so much!

Driving safety - worst cities for drivers to live

Driving Safety Study

Of course, we are all about driving safety here at Arrive Alive Tour. This study took on driving safety, as well as other factors. Not only did they look at traffic accidents in the 100 largest cities in America, but they all took on other topics, like the hassle of parking, wasting time in traffic because of traffic jams, cost of owning a car, cost of parking. All of these factors combined gave WalletHub a list of America’s 100 largest cities and how dangerous or not dangerous it is to be a driver there. We are going to look at the 15 worst cities to live for drivers in 2018!

The Results

Like I stated, some of these results may shock you. Some of them, might not at all. Here are the worst 15 cities to live for drivers in 2018:

  • 15 – Honolulu – They ranked 85th for owning a car and 79th for traffic, so not a good combo.
  • 14 – San Bernardino, CA – It’s expensive to maintain your car here, as well as high stolen car rates.
  • 13 – San Jose – They had the 98th highest gas prices, as well as very expensive cars to own or lease. Then add in the traffic!
  • 12 – Baltimore – They have the highest accident rate in the country.
  • 11 – Washington, D.C. – Lots of traffic, lots of accidents and distracted drivers all over the place!
  • 10 – Chicago – 99th for traffic, as well as extremely high parking rates.
  • 9 – Los Angeles – They have above average accident rates, as well as traffic that never seems to die down. 
  • 8 – Newark – The city has a lot of traffic, as well as unsafe conditions and expensive maintenance costs.
  • 7 – New York – Low quality of streets, high parking rates, too much traffic and high costs for owning a vehicle.
  • 6 – Boston – They have the highest chance of getting into an accident here, as well as only having a few auto shops to fix your car.
  • 5 – Seattle – High maintenance costs (99th) and traffic jams (88th), as well as those rainy roads!
  • 4 – Philadelphia – They are stealing your cars, as well as high traffic and low penalties for DUIs.
  • 3 – Oakland – Highest rate of stolen vehicles here, as well as expensive maintenance for your car, before it’s stolen!
  • 2 – San Francisco – Ranked 100th is cost of vehicle ownership, as they have the highest gas prices.
  • 1 – Detroit – 99th for road safety and 94th for traffic/infrastructure. Tied for worst for stolen vehicle rates.