Drinking While Driving Simulator Event Takes Place At AIC

The drinking while driving simulator is on the road, as a recent event was held at American International College in Massachusetts. The Arrive Alive Tour teaches students the dangers of drunk driving, but also distracted driving and driving under the influence of marijuana.

Drinking while driving simulator - Arrive Alive Tour - American International College

Drinking While Driving Simulator

For this experience the students got a hands-on approach to learning the dangers of distracted driving and drunk driving. The drinking while driving simulator uses virtual reality goggles to give the experience to participants. While in the simulation, students can see how dangerous it is to look away from the road, even if it just to send a quick text.

AIC graduate student Danielle Campbell said, “I learned that you’re way more distracted when you’re texting than I originally thought. I had no idea how much faster I’d be driving.”

A Trend Among Young Adults

The Arrive Alive Tour travels throughout the country with their drinking while driving simulator. The road crew has seen a disturbing trend among the young adults: overconfidence! Simulator operator Mallory Mackenzie said, “All the over confidence, people believing that they can text with no problem. Believing that driving on maybe Marijuana is not a problem with them on the road. Because they’re in control, they don’t have a problem.”