Texting And Driving Program: Teens In Grand Rapids Educated On Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Teens in Grand Rapids were able to experience the dangers of distracted driving with the texting and driving program. This program took place at the Strive 2 Arrive Alive event. During the event, FOX 17 stopped by and did live shots of the texting and driving simulator, which can be seen below.

Texting and driving program - Strive 2 Arrive Alive program in Grand Rapids

Texting and Driving Program

For the texting and driving program, the Arrive Alive Tour uses a simulator that lets participants experience the potential dangers of texting while driving or drunk driving. This is all from a controlled environment — inside a full-size Jeep Patriot. The participants used a virtual reality headset to simulate the distracted or drunk driving. Afterwards, the participants are given a citation to show the rules the broke while in the simulator.

Dangers On The Road

People are dangerous when they get behind the wheel. Our stats show us that nearly a third of fatal crashes involve alcohol-impaired drivers. On top of that, a person is injured by a drunk driver every two minutes. The texting and driving program shows us that cell phone use is one of the most prominent driving distractions.

During the event at Celebration Cinema North, FOX 17 was in attendance and you can watch one of their live spots above!