New Bill In California Would Require More Training For Bartenders To Reduce Drunk Driving Accidents

We all know that bars are in business to serve alcohol to customers. There is no denying that, but a new bill in California could change how much alcohol those customers consume. This new bill is an attempt to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents in the state, as it will focus on training bartenders to know better.

New bill in California to help reduce drunk driving accidents

On Sunday, Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 12-21 into law. This bill will require bartenders and servers to receive training on how to responsibly sell and serve alcoholic beverages. The training course will focus on the social impact of alcohol and it’s impact on the body.

Like most new bills that come into place, it is met with mixed reviews. Some people feel that it should not fall on the bartenders to decide this. Others feel the training could be beneficial to these bartenders.

For 2017, so far,  the City of Visalia has arrested more than 300 people for drunk driving. In Fresno, 1,120 DUI arrests have been made. These stats are what the Bartending College of Fresno is focusing on with the classes. Matt Russell said, “We stress that in our training that we do. Signs to look for in a person who has had too much to drink it’s one of the questions that we have on our test and that can be slurring your words falling asleep at the bar vomiting.”

Alcohol Beverage Control is required to develop the training program by January of 2020. In a statement from the agency, they said, “ABC is hopeful the new law will boost compliance with alcoholic beverage laws. The department will continue to provide its’ Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training through its Licensee Education on Alcohol and Drugs (LEAD) program between now and when the law takes effect.”

What do you think of the new bill for drunk driving in California?

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