Crashes Related To Distracted Driving On The Rise In U.S.

The trend has shifted, as crashes related to distracted driving are on the rise in the United States. For year, we have seen a decline in the number of traffic deaths in the United States. However, recent numbers show an increase in traffic deaths in 2017.

During the first six months of 2017, the National Safety Council stated there have been more than 18,000 people killed on U.S. roads. This is very similar to the numbers in 2016 during the same time period. However, there was a major jump in the numbers from 2015 to 2016. This is a major number of deaths, as President and CEO of the National Safety Council Debbie Hersman said, “Every day we lose 100 people on our roadways. This is the equivalent of losing 2 regional jets every day.”

This can be linked to the fact that people are driving more, thanks to lower gas prices and a better economy. You also have to factor in the concept that people are driving differently, even with safer vehicles on the roads.

Hersman said, “Our vehicles are safer than ever. We have advanced technology. We can survive crashes because of better design and engineering but what we’re seeing that we really haven’t become safer drivers.”

You can blame that on distracted drivers, as distracted driving related accidents have gone up nine percent. Add in drinking and driving and speeding and you have the top three causes of traffic fatalities.

The new technology we have nowadays is great, but it does not have a place for someone behind the wheel and this is something many people have to learn. Hersman said, “We know that these are things that we can prevent. We as drivers need to have more discipline and we need to get rid of that complacency behind the wheel.”

As of right now, we are on pace to have 40,000 deaths in 2017 due to distracted driving. Help stop this trend and educate your school or community by bring the Arrive Alive Tour to your area. For more information or details on the program, contact us here!