Distracted Driving Educational Programs Offered At Arrive Alive Tour

The Arrive Alive Tour is bringing distracted driving educational programs throughout the nation. The program is designed to educate participants on the dangers of texting while driving and drunk driving. With stops throughout the country, the Arrive Alive Tour is putting a spotlight on the issue of distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Educational Programs
Photo Source: Valdosta Daily Times

Distracted Driving Program

For our program, the high-tech simulator is actually placed inside a Jeep. We use Bluetooth sensors on the gas and brake pedals and steering wheel. This allows the vehicle to be “in use” when the participants get inside the vehicle. The virtual reality goggles give the driver a sense of being on the road and seeing the everyday type of situations around them on the road.

During the simulation, the participants wear the goggles and the road crew gives them commands of sending a text while trying to drive. The driver may think it is a simple task they are doing, but the simulator shows the true dangers of taking your eyes off the road, even for a second! While the driver is in the vehicle, a television screen outside the vehicle shows onlookers what the driver is seeing.

An Important Message

The Arrive Alive Tour is trying to spread an important message while on the road. To help do that, media coming to cover these events is much appreciated. The Valdosta Daily Times recently attended an event at Valdosta State University. As colleges and high schools prepare for spring break, the students should be prepared too. Arrive Alive Tour road crew member Meghan Yost said, “Especially around spring break, we’re really making sure they understand the dangers.”

They also had the chance to speak to one of the students, 20-year-old Jayla Foster, who participated in the simulator. She said the simulator was a fun way to better understand how drinking affects driving. UNITE brings health and wellness programs to high schools, colleges and communities across the nation to heighten awareness of the dangers and consequences of impaired driving.