GSU Cautions Students On Spring Break Dangers

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) –Students at Georgia Southern University got the chance Thursday to see just how dangerous impaired driving can be.

A simulator from the Arrive Alive campaign visited campus. Students could get behind the wheel and a wear a headset monitor to see how reflexes are slowed and vision is limited when they have been drinking.

Some students could also try reading and sending texts on their phone as the car traveled through a neighborhood. It often ended with their car striking another car or a pedestrian, sometimes even a building.

“It’s easy to think you can handle it, but you can’t, and it’s just safer not to try,” said GSU student, Erin Gawthrop.

The simulator is part of a week-long focus on Spring Break safety and sexual assault awareness.

Students also marched Thursday night against sexual assault, acquaintance rape, and other dangers that can happen during the holiday.

Organizers of the rally said education plays a key role to show survivors they need to speak up and press charges against their attacker.

“People have this misperception that rape and sexual assault, that there’s some person that’s going to jump out of the bushes, but that’s not the case,” said student volunteer, Shanna Felix. “Overwhelming statistics show it’s someone who knows the victim, a neighbor, a relative, someone they met recently.”

The march and rally were part of a week-long focus on spring break safety.

Video Below: – FOX6 WBRC Birmingham, AL