Arrive Alive At Georgia Southern

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“Good Decisions…Prevent Collisions” is the motto of Unite Corporation who brought the Arrive Alive tour to Georgia Southern. The tour is here on campus to get students to see the affects of driving while distracted. The simulation has two options: you can simulate drunk driving or texting while driving.

“We’re here to raise awareness against distracted driving and drunk driving. Hopefully get students interested in saving lives in the long run,” Chris Emory, Simulator Tech for Unite Corporation, said.

The simulator is set up outside at the Russell Union rotunda. The simulation involves getting into an SUV, and putting on the simulation glasses that allow you to visualize the beginning of your driving journey.

If you choose the drive drunk, you have to provide your age and how many drinks you would have in an hour. If you choose to text and drive, it’s set up for you to start driving as you would normally. Next, the simulator techs tell you to text a phrase to show you how driving distracted is dangerous.

Students have to take a before and after survey about driving intoxicated and driving distracted. After you participate in the simulation, you will receive a picture pledge of your before and after reactions of your accidents. Make sure to stop by and see the Arrive Alive tour!