Texting While Driving Programs: Ways To Stop Teens From Distracted Driving

Most texting while driving programs are designed with the purpose of bringing awareness to the dangers of distracted driving. With that in mind, are these programs actually helping to stop teens and students from texting and driving? We have come up with a list of ways to help stop your teen from texting while driving and help calm your nerves a little bit.

Texting while driving programs - stop teen distracted driving

Teen Distracted Driving Facts

  • Teens are the most common age group to be distracted at the time of a fatal car crash.
  • Being distracted by electronic devices is the most common reason for teens engaging in risky behavior while behind the wheel.
  • Reaction time is reduced by 46% when the driver is holding a device with one hand and driving with the other.
  • Texting while driving increases a teen’s risk for having an auto accident by 400 percent.

Ways To Stop Teen Distracted Driving

  1. Create a formal agreement – Write something up, but have your teen help you while writing it. Have them sign it, as it might mean more to your child.
  2. Establish strict and clear consequences – As seen by the above facts, texting and driving is dangerous. Treat it that way! Have tough consequences for when your child breaks the rules. Make it harsh too, as that shows your teen how dangerous it truly is.
  3. Talk to them about the facts – As I mentioned above, the texting while driving facts may shock some people. Sit down with your child and discuss these facts. They may not know how dangerous it can be, so shed some light on the issue.
  4. Talk to the parents of their friends – If you put consequences in place, try sharing those details with their friends’ parents. If their friends have the same punishments as them, they will likely all work together to make sure not to break the rules.
  5. Encourage them to talk to their friends – Tell your child to start calling out their friends. If they are in a car with someone texting and driving, encourage them to say something. Sometimes hearing it from a friend means more than a parent.
  6. Lead by example – You don’t want your teen to text and drive? Then why are you? If your child sees you texting while driving, then they will do it also. If you aren’t, then they see the right way to drive safely.
  7. Download a text-blocking app – one of these appsWe don’t want them using their phones, but those phones can be a lifesaver also. There are many apps that will stop your child from being able to use their phone while driving. Invest in , as a sure-fire way of stopping them!

Texting while driving programs - Arrive Alive Tour

Texting While Driving Programs

Many states and schools are getting on board with trying to stop this major issue. With the Arrive Alive Tour, you can bring awareness to your community. Texting while driving programs are designed to allow your students to experience texting while driving first hand without actually being in a dangerous situation. The Arrive Alive Tour travels throughout the country, so bring our texting while driving program to your campus!