Texting And Driving Warnings Handed Out With A Twist In Florida Campaign

With Valentine’s Day being here, the Sanford Police Department in Florida is putting a sweet twist on their recent texting and driving campaign. Instead of handing out tickets for distracted driving violators, they are handing out chocolate? Yeah, it is happening!

Texting and driving warnings florida campaign
Photo Source: FOX 35

Texting and Driving Campaign

The police department is looking to stop people from texting and driving. In order to do that, they are trying to stop it with a sweet message. The Sanford Police Department has created the Kiss Campaign Keep It Safe Sanford campaign. This campaign is an opportunity for law enforcement to educate drivers about the dangers of distractions while behind the wheel. They basically want to keep people and the roads safe.

The Twist

During this campaign, drivers will be pulling violators over. Officers will then inform the drivers that their violation was texting and driving. Instead of receiving a ticket for their violation, the drivers will receive a warning and a bag of chocolate kisses! According to FOX 35, the Sanford Police are also looking for drivers to share photos with the officer on social media. They got off with a warning, but share that warning on social media to spread the word even further.


Florida Laws

Right now, Florida considers texting and driving to be a secondary offense. That could be changing soon, as representatives are looking to pass new laws for a full ban. If that passes, then drivers could be pulled over for texting while driving only. That would be huge to help stop drivers from texting and driving. Until then, Florida has cops on the streets with kisses!

The Kiss Campaign started this past Saturday and will be running through Monday, February 19.