Texting And Driving Simulator Teaches Dangers Of Distracted Driving [Video]

The dangers of texting and driving are real, which is why Penn State Wilkes-Barre recently brought our distracted driving simulator to campus. Eyewitness News was there to cover the event and here is their story:

LEHMAN TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Students at Penn State University in Lehman Township took a ride on the wild side.

The health and wellness organization “UNITE” took its “Arrive Alive” tour to the campus. The tour features a high tech virtual reality system that simulates drunk and distracted driving. The sensors on the car are connected to the computer via Bluetooth.

“We can add more drinks to make you really drunk. We can add less drinks or zero drinks if you’re just texting,” said Ayron Austin, with Arrive Alive.

The simulation might be a game, but the tragedies it aims to prevent are a reality for thousands of people. According to the NHTSA, 28 people die a day from alcohol-related vehicle crashes. But educators say they are also seeing more people suffer the consequences of texting and driving. Students say it’s easy to make a mistake.

“I’ve had times where I look at my phone quick,” said student, Jesse Ragugini

But this short break during their school day was just the reminder students needed to think twice before getting behind the wheel.

Check out the video from Eyewitness News by clicking here!

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