Simulator Shows HCC Students the Danger of Texting and Driving

textHOUSTON, TX – You might think you have everything under control. But the truth is, my friend, when you’re texting while driving or you’ve had one too many, you’re hitting the road that could take you straight to your grave.

Students at Houston Community College – Central had a unique opportunity to realize how bad a driver can be under the influence or while using their phones. But don’t worry; it was just a simulator, at least this one time.

“Our mission here is to empower students with wonderful opportunities such as the Unite car simulator,” explained Sonya Sneed, Student Life Coordinator at HCC.

“This is an attempt to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving and texting and driving by letting students actually get in the car and drive it under these conditions in a safe environment,” said Patrick Sheehy from Unite’s Arrive Alive Tour.

William Eldreth, a student at HCC, summarized his experience at the wheel: “I crashed twice, I’m pretty sure I was speeding. It’s not a good thing to drink and drive. It’s terrible.”

Distracted driving is not a joke. Though for some reason we just don’t seem to get the message. But causing and accident and ruining other people’s lives — that’s something you just can’t auto correct.

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