Texting While Driving Simulator Teaches Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Arrive Alive Tour brought their texting while driving simulator to Innovative High Schools recently. The reason? To teach the students the dangers of not only distracted driving, but drinking and driving and driving under the influence of marijuana! These are some critical lessons to learn, especially as these students get older and older.

Texting while driving simulator - Arrive Alive Tour - Innovative High Schools

Texting While Driving Simulator

During the stop at Innovative High Schools, Times-News stopped by and were able to capture images of some of the students experiencing the texting while driving simulator. This experience is all about allowing the students to feel the dangers of distracted driving. However, it is in a controlled environment and no one can get hurt.

Arrive Alive Tour

The program uses a high-tech simulator, which is put into a full-size Jeep Patriot. The participants use virtual reality goggles, as the road crew asks them to send text messages to friends or family members while driving through the simulation. This, along with the impact video playing outside the vehicle and a number of other resources, we are able to educate the public about the dangers of texting while driving and impaired driving.