Distracted Driving Programs: Arrive Alive Tour Teaching Life-Saving Lessons

Distracted driving programs are important. That is why the Arrive Alive Tour is bringing their texting and driving and drunk driving simulators around the nation! Distracted driving and drinking while driving are the main reasons behind the majority of accidents in America. The Arrive Alive Tour is trying to bring awareness to those issues with their distracted driving programs.

Distracted driving programs - Arrive Alive Tour

Distracted Driving Programs

The National Safety Council reports that 1.6 million crashes every year are linked to cell phone use. The Arrive Alive Tour is trying to stop those numbers from being so high. We recently made a stop at Lourdes University and 13 ABC was there to capture the moment on camera. The distracted driving simulator allows people to experience the dangers of impaired or distracted driving in a controlled environment.

How does it work? Max Vandewater, safety ambassador for Arrive Alive Tour, said, “You see the road in front of you. There are vehicles coming at you. You hit the gas and the brake pedals, there are blue tooth sensors for those. The steering wheel works too. What we do is make the car high or drunk by adding steering delays, blurred vision and flashing lights.”

The Experience

While 13 ABC was there, they were able to capture one of the students trying out the simulator. Kennedy Adams said, “Because I am a competitive person I was thinking there was no way I’m crashing. I definitely did. This was eye-opening for sure.”

It was definitely harder than Adams thought it would be. She said, “Everything was super blurry for the drunk driving scenario. I was squinting trying to fix things. Before I knew it, a little movement in the steering wheel turned into exaggerated movement, and I was in the grass. There were cars in the other lane coming at me and then it was too late.”

It’s Not Just About You

These distracted driving programs are meant to get people thinking when they get behind the wheel next time. Vandewater said, “Some people sit down in the car with the goggles in their hand saying why do I text and drive? They say they didn’t realize just how much danger they are putting other people in.”

Adams seems to echo that sentiment, as she said, “Getting behind the wheel is not just about you. It’s about your future and other people’s future .It’s not just about you.”