Drunk Driving Programs: Students At Bayard Public Schools Learn The Dangers

During one of recent drunk driving programs, the students at Bayard Public School in Nebraska participated. They were able to learn about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. This is the perfect time to take on these issues, as prom and graduation season is upon us.

Drunk driving programs - arrive alive tour

Drunk Driving Programs

The students at Bayard Jr. /Sr. High School got to experience the drunk driving programs at their school. The high-tech simulator brings real life scenarios to students. During the stop, NBC Nebraska Scottsbluff visited and tried out the simulator. They also spoke with our facilitators on-hand, as Mallory McKenzie stated that one-third of traffic deaths involve alcohol-impaired drivers.

As far as the simulator goed, McKenzie said, “The students control the gas, brake and steering wheel. Then we run them through two scenarios; drinking and driving and texting and driving.”

Drinking and driving is still a major issue. That is why drunk driving programs are such an important thing for students to experience. A person is injured in a drunk driving crash every two minutes. The drunk driving programs aim to give the participants a hands-on approach that will hopefully resonate with the students this message of safety.


McKenzie said, “Spread the word that drinking and driving and texting and driving are incredibly dangerous.”

The Students

The experience from the drunk driving programs is changing people’s minds. Junior Bayard High School student Alan Ouderkirk said, “They make it feel like you are drunk driving, or if you are texting. Well, I did the drunk driving, and it just got blurry and the next second I got in a wreck.”

UNITE Corporation is making changes. We are trying to heighten the awareness to the dangers and consequences of impaired driving. It is leaving an impactful message on the students, as Ouderkirk said, “I will tell them not to be distracted while driving.”