Driver’s Alert Shines Light On Arrive Alive Tour And Distracted Driving In New Video

The Arrive Alive Tour works at bringing awareness to the dangers of distracted driving. It is nice to see other agencies working to do the same exact thing. Working together to combat such a serious issue is key. Driver’s Alert is doing just that, as they are working to improve driver’s behaviors and they recently attended one of the Arrive Alive Tour’s events in Florida.

Arrive Alive Tour - Katz Yeshiva High School 3 - distracted driving

We recently visited Katz Yeshiva High School of South Florida for two days in Boca Raton, Florida. During that time, Driver’s Alert stopped by to check out our distracted driving simulator. They took some time to interview one of our road crew members, Alexis Melinn. Also, Rich Sordahl, VP of Marketing at Driver’s Alert, got behind the wheel to check out the texting while driving simulator.

Distracted Driving Simulator In Action

You can check out the full interview and experience at the Arrive Alive Tour right here:

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