Arrive Alive Teaches Young Drivers the Dangers of Impaired Driving

Clovis Community College in California recently hosted the Arrive Alive Tour. The nationwide program aims to teach the students the dangers of impaired driving. Check out more details on the event below!









The virtual reality technology of Arrive Alive puts you in the driver’s seat for a few minutes, and shows what impaired driving is really like. The simulator allows students to choose to experience what it’s like to drive while distracted, drunk or under the influence of marijuana. Arrive Alive is the first such program in the country to feature a marijuana driving component. “That is a particularly big subject matter right now as states begin to allow recreational marijuana. So it is becoming more and more important that we have safe drivers who understand that you can’t use these things on the road,” said Mallory McKenzie of Arrive Alive.

Several students made an attempt to control the vehicle under circumstances simulating impaired driving situations. “That was the shocking part about it,” said Doug Dean, Clovis Community College Student. “It was kind of scary seeing how much I was all over the road. And I once I did crash I was just scared. I thought just man that is not good that I just did that.” 

The target audience for the tour is teenagers to adults in their early 20s. “When you are just getting your feet on the ground when it comes to driving and where your boundaries lie. This is a big factor in the leading cause of death for teens. So were are here to get some information to them before they take these things on in real life,” said McKenzie.

This was the first time Arrive Alive made at stop at Clovis Community College, and they will continue their tour at schools throughout the country this spring.