North Lake College – TX

Arrive Alive tour visits NLC campus Simulator showed students hazards of texting while driving

By Miranda Hunter | Editor-in-chief
Published: Monday, March 28, 2011
Updated: Monday, March 28, 2011 11:03

March is Drug and Alcohol Awareness month and to help enforce the importance, UNITE International brought its Arrive Alive Tour to campus on March 10.

UNITE, the number one Health and Wellness Organization in the Nation, visits campuses of all age groups (elementary to college, and beyond) informing students of the risks and repercussions of drinking and driving, as well as texting and driving, with their simulators.

Adrianne Settles, Student Programs Coordinator in the Office of Student Life, said that it was important to emphasize the dangers of drinking or texting while driving, especially around Spring Break time. 

UNITE’s Arrive Alive Tour program included surveys, an ongoing high-impact video presentation, and simulators where students sat in an actual vehicle, put on goggles and (safely) saw the dangerous reality of texting/drinking and driving. After trying the simulators, students were given a citation of everything they did wrong.

“A lot of the kids were participating. I even saw faculty participating,” said Settles. “They were flunking. Manslaughter, swerving, they were so surprised. Everyone, I believe, really appreciated experiencing it.”

Students were asked by Arrive Alive Tour to sign a pledge against drinking and driving and texting and driving. Although Settles said some students chose not to sign the pledge, she believes the involvement of the event will make a difference. 

“This experience could save a life, including your own,” added Settles.

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