Students Try Out Drunk Driving Simulator From Arrive Alive Tour

Students in Ohio got to try out the drunk driving simulator from the Arrive Alive Tour. The event was held at Buckeye Local High School and gave students the chance to experience the effects of drinking and driving, as well as texting and driving, in a controlled environment. This is all part of the drunk driving and distracted driving programs at UNITE Corporation.

Drunk driving simulator in Ohio

Drunk Driving Simulator

The Arrive Alive Tour travels throughout the country bringing awareness to the dangers of texting while driving and impaired driving. This is done using our distracted driving and drunk driving simulator. During the simulation, participants wear virtual reality goggles. This gives them the reality of driving on the street while having the road crew add in factors. Those factors could be having the participants send a text message from their phone while trying to drive. Or it could be changing their blood alcohol levels higher and making things blurry and slower reaction time.

During the event, WTRF attended and got a chance to speak with Arrive Alive Tour team member Ayron Austin, who said the drunk driving simulator is a big hit with students. He said, “Nowadays, everyone’s about video games and virtual reality. They have all of these different things going on, so we’re trying to stay up with the times. This simulator makes it really fun. Students love doing it.”

This is a busy time for the Arrive Alive Tour, as the focus is on prom and graduation season. That means schools are trying to keep their students safe during these events. That is why our drunk driving simulator is the perfect tool to bring to schools.