Woman Resists Police, Gets Tasered After Texting While Driving

No one wants to be pulled over by the cops, but it looks like this woman was having none of it, especially for a texting while driving citation. One simple ticket for texting and driving turned into the woman being tasered and arrested with multiple charges against her. Texting while driving is bad, but resisting the arrest is even worse.

Woman tasered and arrested after texting while driving featured

The incident took place on October 9 in Wyandotte, Michigan. The 49-year-old woman was driving with the police car behind her. The officers noticed the woman texting while driving through her rear window. They could see the phone in front of her face while sending the text.

The police officers proceeded to get into the adjacent lane, as the woman continued to text and drive. The police officers pulled the lady over and this is where it got interesting. The cops asked the woman to give them her drivers license, which she asked what the stop was for. They stated she was texting while driving. The woman denied it and said she was “traveling and not driving.” Um, what?

From there, she refused to hand over her license. She stated she was using her Fifth Amendment rights and not speaking to the cops any longer. After many failed attempts to get the drivers license from the woman, one of the cops put the taser to her shoulder and let a 5-second drive stun hit the woman.

This was enough to get her out of the car, finally. She was arrested for resisting and obstructing police. During the booking process, she refused to talk to the police.

In addition to the resisting and obstructing the police charge, the woman also was ticketed for not producing a driver’s license, texting while driving and no proof of insurance.

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[Photo by The News Herald]