Morningside College students get a safety lesson on drunk driving

A Morningside College student uses a simulator to demonstrate drunk driving conditions.

There are many stories of crashes caused by drinking and driving, or even texting and driving.

Morningside College students were reminded of those dangers when Unite’s “Arrive Alive Tour” stopped on campus to let students simulate driving drunk.

This simulator set their blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Drivers struggled staying in their lanes and going the speed limit. Most of them crashed.

“It was definitely an eye opener. I didn’t expect it to be like it was. It will prevent me from drinking and driving ever, so it was a good experience” Morningside Sophomore Jenni Theisen said.

“I hope people do realize the dangers they’re putting themselves in to and others after they’ve been at the bar for a little bit,” Chris Bennett, of the Arrive Alive Tour, said.

The tour makes stops at college campuses, and military bases, across the country.