Missouri Ranks 22nd for Distracted Driving

A recent report from QuoteWizard shows that Missouri is the 22nd worst state in the country when it comes to distracted driving.

When it comes to distracted driving in the Show-Me state, Jefferson City has the biggest problem, with 25% of all accidents in the city caused by distracted drivers.

The report analyzed over 126,000 insurance quotes from users of QuoteWizard.com, along with data from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

Unfortunately, Missouri laws are lagging behind when it comes to combating distracted driving. Missouri does not have a “hands free” driving law on the books, meaning it’s legal for drivers over 18 to use their phones while behind the wheel. According to The Governors Highway Safety Association, 22 states currently have such laws in place.