Jackson County High School Students Participate In The Arrive Alive Tour

Tallahassee, FL.

Texting behind the wheel is not the norm for Sneads High Senior Rochedra Gland. Just the thought of a crash, is haunting.

“It’s scares me. It makes me scared to get in the car with somebody. Or to even drive because you never know what’s going to happen,” said Gland.

Gland and other juniors and seniors are learning the consequences of texting while driving or taking to the roads while under the influence.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with State Farm and brought in arrive alive tour, a program out of Michigan.

Each student takes a simulated drive, either distracted, or under the influence. No matter how skilled the driver, every participant ended up crashing.

Jim Hamilton of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said the department has had to attend too many funerals recently.

“Jackson County has lost well over 10 children in the past 2 years from traffic crashes,” said Hamilton.

And while the workshop is fun, the hope is that more students walk away making wiser choices.

The Jackson county Sheriff’s office plans to host a teen driving challenge on April 22nd.

Source: WCTV